PET2SILK is an Indo-German start up tackling a huge void between the havoc of plastic waste in our ecosystem and demand for eco-friendly luxury vegan textiles. For many years vegan consumers have been searching for luxury textiles which can replace their dependence on silk.

Environmentalists request an urgent removal of plastic bottles from our eco system. In countries such as India, where city municipalities do not have plastic recycling factories, situation is extreme. All plastic waste ends up in its rivers and the ocean causing mass pollution.

Bottles or other packing materials made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) can be converted into yarns for the textile and carpet Industries. Until now they were of lower grade. PET2SILK has reprocessed low grade PET yarns to finer counts. With these yarns luxury fabrics can be made which has a similar shine and brilliance as pure silk.

PET2SILK ensures consumers are not wearing any harmful textiles. Ready yarns are treated for detoxication and ready textiles are washedwith a bio-soap obtained from various herbs. This herbal washing cleanses and removes left over chemical residue which is good for the skin and better for the environment.